What's on the 11/17 test?

1)Summarize the "three worlds" method of Bible study, see  8/30 post.

2)  a.What is Janzen's basic outline of Exodus?  (p, 49    Discuss (why do you find it helpful/valid, or not?  How was your outline different?

b. He suggests the book is  fundamentally about "a change of _____" (top, p. 25) ; do you agree; or how would you fill in the blank differently?

3)Tell about two ways that, in your journal, you have answered the question, "What does this lesson from Exodus have to do with another class I'm taking?"

 4)Briefly explain the JEDP Source theory ( 9/8 post  and pp.461-463)

 5)a.How are the plagues "counter creation?"  (see 9/12 and 9/19) What does Janzen call the plagues and why?  (answer, p. 117,  see additional info 454-55)

b)How do the plagues make you "feel" theologically/emotionally?  How do you deal with God being behind them?

3) Define liminality (9/19  and  10/18)
and any was events in Exodus represent it.

4)Define communitas  (9/19, and 9/22), and any was events in Exodus represent it.

5)What are the three significance of the "dance party on the beach" ( listed on 9/22 post , more info Janzen pp  181-194  )

6)What is a "literary world" way in which the Book of Exodus may be structured to call to mind a new creation? (see 9/19  and video from 11/1)

7)Talk about any ways the tabernacle is similar to, and sequel to, Sinai.
How is it a "portable Sinai"? Discuss implications  (11/1)

8)Say as much as you can about Sukkot/Feast of Tabernacles/Tabernacle  Name two ways this imagery colors the New Testament  (10.25 post and Janzen pages    374-376, 424-427, and here is a new datafile on Sukkot from Van Der Laan )

9)Discuss one or two interesting or significant learnings from class that stand out for you.

10)What percent of the assigned Bible and textbook readings have you completed?

11)From the videos we watched 11/3 and 11/7:
a)What are two kinds of leadership?  (11/3)
b)What is God's purpose?
c)Why the desert for training?  (two reasons,11/3)
d)Talk about Moses and leadership (11/3 and 7)  

Extra credit (choose one)

12a)Discuss the "problem" of the two different lists of the Ten Commandments.  How did Rabbi Adam explain the differences?  How would you?  (9/29)

12b)Trace the "life-saving role of women"  (pp. 39-40) in Exodus.

12c)From Michael's video on 11/1, from the VanDer Laan video on the tabernacle (11/1),and from Bible Background Commentary (pages    82-84),
discuss the idea of parallel ideas from the Bible and other religions, cultures, and history.  Is this disturbing to your view of Scripture? Discuss.